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The Great Innovation In Cold Welding Systems


  • The great innovation in welding systems and their improvisations are an important contribution to the solution of the restoration of cracks or damages caused to their machinery. The application of the S.F.A. Is a totally cold repair, since no electric current or heat is used, as this would cause the affected part to lose its original strength. 
  • The recovery of the force lost by the damage ocacionado is recoverable in its totality and in some cases is greater for its better operation of the machine. The S.F.A. And its components can be exposed under all conditions of temperature and corrosion. For cases of more severe repairs and thicker materials, the  MAESTRO SYSTEM.
  • Another advantage of this type of repair is that it is done in the same place and with a minimum disassembly of the machine to be repaired. Maintenance and repair are unfortunately part of the investment of doing business faults of the equipment can cause problems in the more planned operations; The key to success is to minimize disorganization of the workforce. Call us or send us an email.



  1. S.F.A. Industrial Stitching is an industrial services company specialized in the repair of damaged machinery. The application of our cold repair system allows you not to replace the machinery saving time and money. 
  2. Personalized consultation we will detail all your options for the proper repair of your machinery, saving time and money. 
  3. The minimum of interruption in the production of your company our objective is to return the original specifications to your machinery with a minimum of interference in the production of your company, working our staff 24 hours a day.
  4. The satisfaction of the customer is our goal to ask our customers for the prompt restoration of their machinery for the rapid and efficient restart of their production.
  5. Highly trained personnel designing every repair is a new challenge for us. The inspection of every repair to be performed is the most important thing to follow. Our staff is highly trained and has carried out these projects for many years.





Detail Of Our Services

1. COST BENEFIT: The use of this welding system in the repair of your machinery has some advantages for example: 

     • Maintains alignment dimensions on the affected part. 

     • Avoid dismantling at a very low percentage. 

     • The transfer of the affected part or machinery and its assembly. 

     • The most important loss of time and therefore loss of income. 

2. Repair in the different types of metal: 

    • There is no physical change of material. 

    • It does not lose its force on the contrary obtains greater percentage of resistance. 

    • There is no warpage left by the electric welding that in some cases avoids 100% machine operation. 

3. Union of different metals in the repair: 

    • For situations that are necessary times in the manufacture of any part of the affected part does not matter the type of material that is   

      manufactured since the advantage of this system is that different metals can be joined because no heating is used. 

    • S.F.A.Industrial stitching is a special company in its kind of repair for all types of rough and metal machinery (iron, steel, cast iron, etc.)   

      with which they are manufactured. 

    • This system as its name indicates cold soldering applied offers a great advantage because of the type of material with which its  

      machinery is manufactured, since when implementing this type of system does not lose its normal force of the material (does not cause warpage)

      to Contrary reinforces it, and most importantly saves you time and money as it prevents you from replacing the machinery. 

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